20 Alluring Responses for Someone Who Doesn’t Text Back

Have you ever had that friend that never texts back? Whenever you send a text, do they take an entire day to respond or sometimes not at all? It seems like most people’s response time is pretty long these days.

For some reason, I could never get a hold of my friend when I wanted to talk to him about something. Maybe he was just busy or too preoccupied, but it made me feel like a burden. Even if I sent him 3 texts right in a row, he’d take hours to respond and sometimes not at all.

I’ve compiled a list of the best responses you can send when someone doesn’t text back. These responses are effective in making people reach out to you again once they give them some time and space. Hopefully one of them will work for you!

List of Responses

1. “I got the feeling you were mad at me when I texted a while ago. Is everything alright? / Did I do something to upset you?”

This is a great opening line because it lets the other person know that you’re aware they weren’t texting back, and also shows that you’re not demanding a response right away. Leave some time in between so that they can respond when they feel like it.

2. “It’s been a while since we last talked, how have you been? / Haven’t seen you in so long. / It’s been a while. How are you?”

Although this is an open-ended question, it lets the person know that you want to text them just to catch up and keep in touch. You can also add a picture or gif to your text if you want to get a laugh or be bold.

3. “What are you up to tonight? We should meet up. / I want to hear all about your life. / Where are you right now? I wanna meet up!”

This is a great way to get someone to respond quickly. Just add a photo or gif with something that relates to the theme of why you’re texting them in the first place. You can also use this if they don’t respond at all, but they finally do after a while!

4 “I’m actually doing something tonight, and I have a few extra tickets if you want to join us. What do you think?”

This is something that will catch the person off guard. They might not expect this kind of text from you. Even if they say no, you can try something later in the week to see if they’re willing to hang out with you.

5. “I’m watching a movie in bed with my favorite blanket and popcorn. / I’m sleeping, but I thought you might want to see this.”

This is a great way to get something out of the blue! You can also add a photo or gif that relates to the movie of which you’re rewatching.

6. “I’ve been thinking about you all day and got kind of teary-eyed. For being such a jerk, I forgive you. Tell me what’s going on.”

This is something that will catch them off guard! It will most likely make them respond fast because they feel bad and have to tell you why they’ve been ignoring you.

7. “How did I become such a burden? / Is it hard to keep up with me? / Have I been texting too much?”

This one is important because it gets the other person to reflect upon their actions for not responding fast enough. They’ll start to feel guilty that they haven’t been responding and might feel like they need to start texting you back more.

8. “I’m on my way over. I don’t know how you live without me.”

This is a great way to get someone’s attention if they’ve been ignoring you for a while! It can also be said in a cute, joking way, but saying it seriously will get them to respond fast.

9. “Did you die or something? / You’re dead to me. / I’ve never been so ignored in my life.”

Again, this will most likely get the person to respond fast. However, if they don’t feel bad for ignoring you, then it won’t work. Also, you can add a photo or gif that suits the text.

10. “I’ve been really busy. I’ve been meaning to text you back because I’m sorry. / I thought that was going to be our first hang out together.”

You can do this if they haven’t texted you for a while and don’t know why. It works well because it shows that you’re not demanding a response, but also apologetic about it. They’ll most likely apologize right back and plan a hangout soon!

11. “I kind of like being a burden like this. I just like bothering you. I hope you don’t mind.”

This is another one that’s more important to text them after a while has passed and they haven’t responded. It shows that you aren’t demanding anything from them, but also that you are fine with bothering them. You can add a cute picture or gif to your text to make it stand out more.

12. “I just thought I would remind you of the fact that I’m in love with you because it seems like maybe you forgot. / I’m not saying you’re not in love with me, and I don’t want it to come off as a weird thing. / I just want to remind you that you’re my boyfriend.”

This one will bring them back around! It can also be said in a joking way, but saying it seriously will most likely get them to respond.

13. “Can we hang out tonight? I miss you, and I feel like I’ve been stressing over this while trying to be busy. / I know you’re busy, too, but can we hang out tonight? I want to see you.”

This is another kind of reminder text that’s super important after not being ignored for a while. You can tell them how much you miss them and tell them that you’ve been trying to be busy. Just make sure that they are open to hanging out and don’t judge or push back on the idea!

14. “I just got too excited about something, and it reminded me of us so much. / I know we’re not going to be like that, but it reminded me of how great you are.”

This one will work great if they haven’t responded in a while. You can mention that they haven’t responded in a while, and mention another cute moment that has happened with you two.

15. “I thought about what would happen if I lost you because I was talking to my mom about this, and it scared me. / I almost can’t imagine life without you, and that’s crazy to say, but I just want you to know how much you mean to me.”

If you think they’re ignoring your texts just a little too much, you can always bring up the fact that they might be ignoring your texts. This is a great one because it’s emotional and personal. It will make them see that they are being kind of sketchy and probably shouldn’t be.

16. “I know that we both have busy lives, but I hope that we can always make time for each other.”

This is such a cute thing to say. It shows that you still want to be with them, and you feel like you’re going to have some busy times in the future. It’s just a nice thing to say, and it doesn’t sound too much like a plea for them to respond.

You could also add, “I hope we can hang out soon,” or something along those lines.

17. “I’m really sad that you aren’t coming to my party this weekend.”

Don’t make it sound like a big deal, but feel free to add in some more emotion to show that you are feeling a little bit hurt. This shows how much your feelings are ultimate, and even if the other person isn’t feeling that way right now, they will appreciate the thought.

18. “I’m going to miss you.”

Again, don’t make it sound like a big deal because you know that they’re going to see you soon. However, this shows them that you are attached, and it is going to be hard when they go away. If they don’t tell you that they’re going to miss you, then this can show them that this is something that they should probably say back to you.

19. “I love you.”

I think this quote shows that someone means it because it’s a bold move. It’s always a great thing to say and hear from someone. Of course, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they want to be with you in the future, but they certainly seem to feel something for you. If the other person doesn’t say this back, then at least you know where they stand with you!

20. “I feel like you need to get things off of your chest, and I’m here to listen. I want to be a listener.”

This is a great thing to text someone if you know that they’re feeling stressed or something about their life or emotions, but they haven’t said it out loud because they can’t bring themselves to do so.

What after they respond to your message?

After they respond to your texts, you want to know what to say back. It depends on how they respond. If they respond without any emotion, then you can say something along the lines of, “Hey, how have you been?” or something similar.

Or, if they respond positively to your texts and let you know that they miss you: “I miss you too! I just wanted to remind you because I was going to text you later. Hope everything is going well.

The best way to get them back into the conversation is going to be by asking about what’s going on in their life. You can find out if they have a new job, school, or any other time of change. From there, you’ll get to know them better and bring up how you want to hang out with them again!

If you feel like they are still playing hard to get or ignoring you, then it might be hard for you to get that person back into a conversation with you.

What if they leave your message as “seen”?

If the other person has read your text but hasn’t responded, that means that they’ve ignored you. They’re either in a bad mood, or they just don’t feel like talking at the moment.

Don’t feel discouraged because it’s not your fault that they haven’t responded, and it might be out of your hands. You could try sending them another text later in the day to see if they’ll reply. If they don’t, move on.

If you don’t hear from them again, then let them go. You did try your best before, and just because they’re too busy to answer you doesn’t mean that they’re going to be the right person for you in the future!

What if your message is delivered but not seen?

Sometimes people will not have read your message at all! It could be that they don’t have time to check their messages, or it might be because they’re at work.

In this case, you probably won’t hear back from them for a while! They might reply later on, but if you haven’t heard anything in a few days, then it’s probably okay to move on and forget about them.

Should you text again after no response?

If you text them and they don’t respond, then immediately text them once more. If they don’t respond to that one either, then move on and find someone else to like!

Don’t give up! There are plenty of other fishes in the sea. And one of these days soon, you’re going to meet that special person who will blow your socks off!

How to calm your anxiety when someone doesn’t text back?

We all know the feeling when someone doesn’t text you back and it’s upsetting. It could be a friend, it could be your crush, or maybe a hot guy that you’ve been texting for a while doesn’t text back. Or maybe you’re just not in the mood to text back and want to wait until later. Whatever the reason might be, there are plenty of things you can do to cope with that bad feeling. Here’s what you can do to calm your anxiety after someone didn’t answer your text:

1. Stop.

Before you go and send that angry text, or call out to him/her on all social media platforms available, make sure that you have the time to do so. This sort of thing can be stressful and if your mind is not in that good shape then it’s okay to put it off and just try again later or even tomorrow.

2. Do something else.

If you’re stressed after someone didn’t answer your text, try doing something else instead of staring at your phone all the time like crazy. Go out to your favorite place, or watch a movie. Just do something that relaxes you and makes you happy.

3. Try again later or tomorrow.

If it’s a really important text, like asking a favor to a friend, try sending it later when they might be freer and not so busy with stuff they have to do. Or maybe try sending it tomorrow when you are more relaxed again.

4. Talk to your friends or family.

Sometimes we get upset with someone who doesn’t text back, but talking to our friends and family helps to make us feel better. When you’re around them, you can help them if they don’t text back too. Talking about the situation and giving suggestions helps us deal better with it and makes us feel a lot better after it’s over.

5. Take a break from the person.

If your crush doesn’t text back, maybe you’re obsessing about him/her and you want to talk to him/her all the time, or feel upset and like crying right after that. That’s normal, but take a break from talking to him/her for a while since you might be stressed about it. Try calling one of your friends or family members instead of texting them.

6. Try giving up.

Sometimes, giving up helps. If nothing works and you’re still obsessing about the person, why not just give up? It’s like a birthday cake and you want to eat it all at once but no matter how hard you try, it just doesn’t work. Giving it up will help you feel a lot better and calm down.

7. Try making plans with your friends or family members.

Sometimes we become so anxious about someone that we don’t even have time for ourselves or with others. We don’t know how, but making plans with your family and friends can help you forget about them for a while.

8. Text in shorter sentences and paragraphs.

We all know that sometimes when we’re stressed out, we type very quickly without thinking of what to say exactly. This can happen especially when you’re anxious about someone not answering your text back to you. So try to make sure that you only send short sentences and paragraphs instead of pages-long texts.

9. Try using emoticons.

If you know how to use emoticons in your text, try adding them whenever you’re stressed about someone not texting you back. It’s not necessary to text extremely long paragraphs and sentences when someone doesn’t text back, but adding one or two emoticons before and after your text, it will make the situation less stressful and help you calm down quicker.

10. Don’t follow their social media accounts.

When someone doesn’t text back, we often do crazy stuff to get their attention because we feel like we’re not important enough. Unfollowing someone on social media is one of those things that people normally do. But if you don’t want to do that, try to just ignore them and not even think about them for a while, and maybe by doing so they’ll text back, or you’ll feel less stressed about it and want to contact them again later on.

11. Be patient.

Sometimes people take a very long time to respond and we get impatient about it. If they do not respond in a while, try to just wait quietly until they reply and don’t text them again about it. They might be busy with their favorite things or stuff that’s important to them and can’t answer right away like we’re doing. Just be patient with them because sometimes they will reply later on when they have more time for us.

12. Learn to deal.

The best way to deal with this problem is by learning to deal with the fact that people might not text back and there’s nothing we can do about it. People are free to choose what they want to do with their own lives, and we just have to accept it, while trying our best to stop worrying too much about things.

13. Try to understand the situation better.

We tend to blame ourselves and think that if we talk to them enough, then maybe they would change their mind. But sometimes they might be busy with other things which are important to them, like work or school which we don’t know about. Try to understand the situation better so you can feel less stressed about it.

14. Play an active sport.

Sometimes stress can be very tough to handle. Playing an active sport you enjoy will help your mind to let go of any frustration or negative emotions that you’ve been feeling about someone not texting back. Try doing it every time you feel stressed about a person so that you won’t feel the same way anymore.

15. Be confident and act like it doesn’t bother you.

The only way people will see how you feel and if they can hear your true feelings is by actually showing. Don’t be afraid to say how you feel and most of all, don’t let people just walk over you. Confront people on what they’re doing wrong in your relationship or talk to them even if they don’t respond. Walk away when you believe that it’s best for you. Even if they try to text back after that, don’t let them get the last word if they’re not looking for an answer.

16. Look at good pictures of yourself.

Looking at good pictures of yourself will help you feel less stressed about a person not texting back because it will make you realize how beautiful you are, and maybe why some people aren’t answering your texts is because they’re just too busy to see how amazing you are.

17. Connect with someone else.

Sometimes it helps to connect with someone who has been in a similar situation before, so you can find someone to talk to if you ever feel like no one has ever been there for you or that you have no one to talk to. There are lots of people who have been through the same things as you and they’re willing to help, if only you will reach out for their help.

18. Stop caring about what they think of you.

This one is a little bit hard to handle but if you don’t start doing it, you’ll never get over your problems with someone not texting back. Tell yourself that it doesn’t matter what they think of you because they’re not the only ones who can have an opinion. If someone doesn’t like you for something, show them that you’re not afraid to walk away from people who don’t like the real you.

19. Don’t think about them anymore.

Don’t think about them, text them once, and move on with your life. After you’re done with that, don’t think about them again because honestly, that’s the way everyone wants you to do it. And remember, they will eventually contact you if they care about you.

20. Have a little faith.

You never know what the future will bring you and I’m not talking about the fact that you’ll eventually get a text back from your person, I’m talking about life as a whole. You will find someone who deserves your love and attention, continue to be patient and believe in yourself.

21. Let time heal you.

There’s a lot of people who think that they must forget the person they’ve lost to heal but that’s not true at all. Keep them with you, in your thoughts, and your heart. It’s good to remember the positive things you’ve experienced with them and it will help you through the situation.

22. Find some form of therapy.

I recommended therapy for so many people that I thought that I’ll write about this too. It may seem over the top, but it does help to understand yourself and be able to cope better with the downs and the ups of life. It will also allow you to develop better communication with your loved ones in case they cross your mind again. 

There are tons of different ways to get the person you care about to respond to your texts. I hope that these tips will help you in your quest for them to respond!

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