[37 Reasons] Why Does My Friend Always Cancel Plans?

Ever had the experience where you are excited about going on a fun-filled trip, only to have your friend tell you that he or she can’t go? Even if you’ve been friends for years, this happens all the time!

Sometimes our friends can be a little hard to understand, especially if they do not want to do something. Why does your friend always cancel plans? Do you have a feeling that they do not value your friendship?

Well, you are not alone. Many people believe that their friends do not care about them. So, we have decided to show you some of the most common reasons why your friend always cancels plans.

They want to take a break and don’t wanna feel rushed

Sometimes, friends want to take a break from their lives and not feel rushed and cancel plans last minute. They don’t want to feel as if they’re obligated to see you or keep up with social media or any other obligations that they might have felt like they had to fulfill before.

Sometimes, that means taking a vacation or even just taking some time off from social media and TV. This doesn’t mean that they’re not planning to make it up to you in the end! It just means that they’ve got a few things to take care of first. Maybe they want to spend more time with you! If you suspect this is the case, then don’t be upset. Just consider it an opportunity for you to catch up with them!

They are afraid that things will never be the same again

There’s no guarantee that your friend will change back to being the person who hangs out with you regularly, but maybe they’re afraid that things are going to get worse instead. It’s perfectly natural for someone who has been through a lot to want to take a break and enjoy some peace and quiet.

They may feel that they’ve got to put some distance between themselves and you in order to move on and make things better. So, your friend keeps canceling on you.

If this is the case, then try and find out why. Maybe they have something new on the horizon and they need some time to process that. Or, they may just need to talk to their friends about what’s going on and figure out how they feel about it.

They are scared of losing you

If your friend has become distant recently, it could be because they’re scared of losing you. Sometimes friends can get so wrapped up in their own lives that they don’t always realize that they are losing you too.

If your friend seems like they’re slipping away from you, then try and remind them that you’re still here. Maybe you can even make plans for them to come to visit or hang out with you! If they are trying to cut off contact with you for any reason, then you’re not out of the woods yet. Consider reaching out to them again and reminding them that you’re not mad at them and you just want to catch up.

They may be ashamed of what they are going through.

Maybe they are struggling with a serious addiction or mental health issue, and they are scared of letting people know. They might be dealing with a painful experience or a traumatic event in their life and always cancel plans.

They could be going through some major change like a breakup or an unexpected loss. They might be dealing with something that is just too much to talk about with anyone, including close friends and family.

If your friend is going through any of these things, then you can expect that they will not want to talk to you right now. If you want to know more about this, you should contact your friend.

They know they have to come back to you

It’s not always easy to tell when someone needs your support. You might think that you’ve got it all together, but you never know what’s going on in another person’s life. Sometimes, people have a habit of not telling you things that are important to them.

They’re afraid that you’ll judge them or criticize them or that they won’t like you anymore. If this is the case with your friend, you can take a step back and give them the benefit of the doubt. You can be the friend that asks the tough questions, but you don’t need to make the first move. Give them time and space to let it out. Don’t give up until you have proof that they are ready to talk to you.

It’s important to understand that they are trying to put some space between them and you for a reason. If they don’t feel able to come back to you for whatever reason, they will try to communicate with you, whether by phone, text, email, or a letter. They will tell you that it’s over, but they might still need time to work things out.

They don’t want to hurt you

A friend that is hurting will not want to hurt you. That’s why it’s important to be kind, understanding, and supportive. You don’t want to get involved in an argument that’s going nowhere. Instead, you want to be there for them, even if they don’t really know how to tell you that they need you.

A person that is suffering is not in a good place and won’t know how to communicate it to you, so it’s up to you to reach out to them. And, when it comes to friendship, that means going beyond just your feelings and getting into their head to understand what they’re thinking. It might seem easier to just ignore them, but it’s better to know where they’re coming from.

It’s not your job to fix their problems, it’s their job to fix their own. You can only be supportive in the ways you can be. If your friend has an addiction, it may be something they are struggling to beat, but it doesn’t mean that you should be there every day for them.

And, if they aren’t ready to talk to you about their issues yet, they won’t appreciate you being a shoulder to cry on. If you’re having a difficult time yourself, you should definitely reach out for support. But, if you can only be there for them when they are ready, then make sure you respect that.

They may think you don’t care

This one is pretty tough. If you see that your friend isn’t in the right frame of mind and that their life is hard, then you have to accept that it’s your job to be there for them. This doesn’t mean you have to fix everything for them or take on all of their problems, but you can’t ignore them.

You have to show that you care. Show that you’re there for them and be supportive. If your friend doesn’t want to talk to you, they probably have a good reason for that. But if you don’t make an effort, they’ll wonder what you’re doing with your time and whether you really care about them.

Maybe they feel guilty about what’s going on or that you don’t understand what they are going through. That’s why it’s important to remember that you don’t have to do or say anything. Just listen and be supportive.

That doesn’t mean you have to fix their problems for them. You don’t need to be in their lives every minute of the day. If your friend is struggling with depression, for example, you should absolutely take it seriously and offer your help in any way that you can.

They may be depressed

Your depressed friend may always cancel the plans. Many people go through periods when they are experiencing feelings of sadness or low mood. It’s not a good idea to try and fix this on your own. You may feel as though you’re losing a friend when your friend isn’t there for you, but it’s important to remember that you can’t force them to be happy. You should reach out to them for support. If they’re feeling low, they’ll be more than willing to talk to you.

They may need space right now

It may be that they are going through some tough times and don’t want to burden their friends with the pain of dealing with it. They might be experiencing an existential crisis or have had a traumatic event that is overwhelming them. This can be a common reason why friends cancel plans last minute.

It may be that they have a physical illness that is causing them some discomfort. They may be having a bad day or even a bad week, and just want to get away from it all. If your friend is going through something like this, they may not be able to spend time with you.

They just need time

Your friend is probably going through a period where they need some alone time. This is entirely normal and doesn’t necessarily mean that they are doing anything wrong or that you are upset with them. It’s just that they are feeling overwhelmed and need some time away from the people that they care about.

This could be for many reasons. It could be that they are struggling with a problem and need to think things over without being interrupted. It could be that they are mourning the loss of someone close to them. Or it could be that they are feeling stressed or anxious and need some time to rest. In any of these cases, they won’t want to spend time with you and it’s completely understandable that they would want to avoid hanging out.

Sometimes people are just in need of time and space to work through a tough time. You may be able to provide this, or at least offer to give them some space. It may be enough for them to realize that their needs have to be met in order to recover from whatever’s causing them to withdraw from others.

They need space and support

Sometimes, your friend just needs space. If they don’t want to talk, they don’t have to explain why. You can try asking what they need in terms of space or time, but they don’t have to answer if they don’t want to. Remember that it’s not necessarily a bad thing when they need some time alone.

Some people experience extreme anxiety when they are forced to confront their fears or admit that they are going through a rough time. If you notice that someone is canceling plans in the face of this, it may be because they’re so afraid of what will happen if they tell you the truth that they’d rather just run away instead. In this case, you may need to step back and give them the space they need, but without being too intrusive.

They are worried about hurting you

If your friend is canceling plans to avoid hurting you, this may not be about them at all. Instead, they may be concerned that they are going to hurt you by telling you what’s going on.

They may feel guilty for not being able to explain why they’re acting this way and may worry that if they do tell you, you’ll be upset and then they’ll have to deal with the repercussions.

If you’re worried that your friend is going through a crisis and is concerned about hurting you, it might help to reassure them that you love them and you would never want to cause them pain.

They feel like no one understands them

People who are experiencing a tough time feel like nobody understands them, and so they don’t feel comfortable being vulnerable to people who are close to them.

They feel like no one knows what they are going through or what to say to them. They may feel that their friends are busy with their lives and can’t relate to their situation.

Maybe your friend feels like they don’t have anyone to talk to or that they can’t really trust them. They may not feel like they can open up to you and that they can tell you what they’re going through. They might feel as though no one understands them and they don’t know what to say to anyone else.

They want to take care of things on their own time

Your friend doesn’t want to hang out with you because they’re just not up for it. Perhaps you’ve gotten in the habit of making every effort to set up a time that works for everyone and you’ve come to expect your friend to be the one who agrees to hang out with you. If your friend has been canceling more than once or twice, it might be a sign that they are just not interested.

You’re probably being too pushy

It’s entirely possible that your friend doesn’t want to hang out with you because they think that they have to do it on your terms. You can be overly persistent in trying to force them to hang out with you, but if they have good reason to avoid you, then they’re going to stick to it. It’s not your place to be too pushy. Maybe you need to back off a little bit. They’re not obligated to spend time with you and you have to respect that

If you’re a friendly friend who doesn’t want to be in a bad mood or feel upset, you may be making the situation worse by being pushy. If you really want to see them again, then simply ask if they want to hang out. If they are hesitant to commit or are not interested in the idea, then you shouldn’t make a big deal of it. Don’t force them into hanging out.

It may be a sign that they’re overthinking things

It can seem like our friends have made a habit out of avoiding plans with us. You may have a feeling that something bad will happen, or they may just feel like they’re not ready to commit to hanging out with you. In these instances, the best thing to do is simply let them handle things on their own time when they’re in the mood to hang out.

When it comes to friendships, it’s important to trust your intuition and not put too much pressure on yourself when it comes to choosing whether or not to commit to someone.

They could be going through some serious changes in their life or you may be making them nervous by constantly asking them about plans. It’s best to let them work things out on their own terms and not force them into a situation where they don’t want to be.

They Are Unreliable

We all know that there are people that we meet that we feel certain that we will see again but never do. This could be because they were out with someone else that night, or they just don’t feel like hanging out with you anymore.

Even if you have a great relationship, it can still happen. So, it’s best to give your friend the benefit of the doubt when it comes to things like this. If they are really busy and you really want to get together with them, then you can try to set up an alternate time or day.

It may be that your friend is unreliable and you’re not as important to them as they thought. They are going through a difficult period, and your friend may be trying to take care of their own situation without involving you.

This is an important thing to understand when you’re upset about being ignored, but it’s not always about you. If your friend is unreliable, you may have to accept that they will only be there for themselves, and not for you.

They Care More About Themselves than You

It’s not that they’re doing this on purpose, it’s just that they genuinely care more about their own stuff than you do. When it comes to your friendships, you need to prioritize yourself!

They may have their own interests that they are working on at the moment and they don’t want to have to worry about your stuff when they’re trying to focus on something else. This doesn’t mean that they don’t care about you–they might just feel like they can’t commit to something with you right now.

If your friend always cancels plans, it could be that they care more about their own wellbeing than yours. A friend who cares about you might be upset with you for taking things too personally or for getting too upset. If this is the case, try to calm yourself down and not take things so personally.

Your friend might be upset with you for this reason, too. In other words, it’s okay to get upset and feel offended, but try not to let it take over your life. Try talking to them about what’s happening in their life. Maybe they are going through a difficult time at work or home, and you could be a good listener and a shoulder to cry on. It’s not fair to blame your friend if they don’t want to spend time with you. You’re important to them, but they may be feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

They have low self-esteem

Another reason that someone might always cancel plans is that they don’t feel good about themselves. They may think that other people think less of them if they don’t have time for them. If this is the case, try talking to them about their self-esteem and ask if they feel like they’re a worthwhile person.

It might help to talk about other things that they are doing right and why you think they’re so great. It could also be that they feel that they need to prove to you that they’re worth your time. They could be worried that you don’t appreciate them or that you won’t want to see them again.

They feel bad about themselves

Your friend might not want to hang out with you because they don’t want to make you feel bad about yourself. Maybe they think you don’t understand them or think that they can’t be friends because they’re different from other people.

Your friend may be feeling like an outcast because you don’t accept their hobbies or way of life. Maybe they just feel bad about themselves in general. If your friend is feeling that way, try to get them to open up and talk about it.

It might be helpful to talk to someone who knows them well. Maybe a teacher, mentor, or older family member can help them see that everyone makes mistakes and that they aren’t alone.

They Don’t Want to Bother You

Maybe your friend just doesn’t want to bother you. They may think that you already have enough on your plate and don’t want to add to it by having to spend time with them. They may think that you don’t need any more stress. That’s okay!

Everyone has things that they don’t want to deal with. If you have something that you need to discuss with your friend, then perhaps you could try scheduling a day or evening where you can talk to them.

They just aren’t sure about you

Some people have a difficult time telling their friends exactly how they feel about them. They might say “I think we’re good” when they really want to say “I love you.” It’s not that they don’t like you—they’re just having a hard time saying it out loud. This isn’t a reason to get upset, but it can make things awkward between you. If this is the case, try to be sensitive to your friend’s feelings, and don’t be offended if they don’t express themselves as clearly as you might like.

They just don’t know you well enough

Sometimes a friend who is ignoring you might not know you very well at all. If you’ve been in their life for a long time, it’s very possible that they know you and are simply not interested in spending time with you. You might want to consider the possibility that they’ve been trying to avoid you because they don’t know you at all.

They have better things to do

You may think that your friend is ignoring you, but they might be just busy or uninterested. It could be that they have better things to do and are simply not having the time to hang out with you. They may be working on a project that takes up a lot of their time. Or they might have better things to do than spend time with you.

Sometimes life gets in the way of friendship and there is more to do than just hanging out with friends. If they are trying to balance school work, a part-time job, or even just housework, they might not have time for you. It can happen to anyone. Don’t take offense. You can still be their friend, but just be clear that it’s not going to happen on every occasion.

You are not that important to them

There are people who really don’t consider their friends that important. Maybe they don’t spend time with you because they’re trying to save money by staying away from social events.

Maybe they are just not very social and prefer to go out with people they know. These are all perfectly normal reasons for not wanting to hang out with someone. It doesn’t mean that they don’t like you or that you’re not important to them. It just means that they have their own priorities and they want to make sure that they have enough time for them.

If this is the case, it may be best to accept this and let them keep their life separate from yours. After all, you can still be friends—it’s just that it’s going to be a little different.

They don’t feel good

Sometimes, our friends don’t feel good about plans. It might be that they’re feeling sick, or they’re feeling tired, or they have some other medical problem. Or it could just be that they’ve had a bad day or something else has come up and they haven’t felt well. The point is, even when it’s not an emergency, they just don’t feel like hanging out.

It’s worth noting that sometimes people make plans and then just don’t follow through. Maybe they’re caught up in something else, or maybe they don’t feel like going. Either way, it’s not your fault if you happen to miss them.

So, the best thing to do when they cancel is to assume the best and move on. Don’t be offended or think they are rude, especially if you’ve been trying to plan something with them and they just didn’t follow through. It’s not a personal attack. Just take it in stride. If your friend is really sick, it’s not a good time for a hangout anyway!

If they’re physically well, the best thing you can do is ask them if they need anything. If you’re a caring friend, you’ll want to check on them and offer to take them out for a coffee or to do something fun if they need to relax and recharge. That will make them feel a whole lot better!

They Are Nervous About Meeting You

They might feel nervous about meeting you because they have no idea what to expect or how you will react to them. Maybe they have some insecurity about themselves or feel intimidated by your lifestyle. It’s not an attack, so don’t take it personally. Let them know that you don’t expect them to be perfect or that you aren’t going to judge them for any of their fears or insecurities.

They may be worried about things that you’re not aware of. It’s important to remember that no one wants to be rejected or hurt feelings. That’s why you want to be clear about your intentions. If you’re going to try to get back together, make it clear that you don’t want any pressure to do so.

If you’re trying to date someone new, you can set up a plan with your friend in advance, so that everyone knows what to expect. It can be hard for your friend to be able to predict how you’ll act or react to their reactions, so be sure to give them as much advance warning as possible.

They Think You’re Too Hard to Get Along With

If your friend thinks that you’re too hard to get along with, then they could be taking it personally. People often find it difficult to get along with others. If they think you’ve changed or that you have a different outlook on life, it might be because they feel like they’re not keeping up with you.

If they believe that you are acting in an unreasonable way, they could find it hard to deal with you. Just try and make your friendship a priority over everything else, including your friendships with other people. If you are going through something that is affecting your mood or behavior, your friends need to know about it.

This is the least likely explanation. People don’t just suddenly decide to ignore their friends because they think they’re hard to get along with. There’s always a reason, but it’s often difficult to figure out. It could be that they are shy, or it could be that they just don’t like you, or they feel like they are on a roller coaster of emotions and you’re the cause. Or maybe they are just feeling down and have a bad attitude.

If you want to avoid this situation, try being as friendly and open as possible. Don’t assume that they aren’t friendly. If you have mutual friends, try making an effort to include them. If you are trying to make a new friend, try to be open and honest about what you expect.

Let them know that you will be friendly but that you are also looking for someone to connect with. People often think that it’s too soon to make plans, or they might feel like it’s awkward, but it can actually be quite natural to start meeting new people when you have some time on your hands.

It’s a little awkward at first, but then it gets easier and you feel like you’re finally getting comfortable with yourself and who you are as a person. Try not to worry if they don’t respond right away, or don’t seem like the type of person who has friends. They may just need some time to get used to the idea of making plans with someone else.

They feel bad about themselves

A lot of the time, when we make plans with friends, we want to make sure that we’re going to enjoy ourselves and we don’t mind missing out on other opportunities because we know that our friend is going to have fun.

We also might want to show our friends that we care about them by making sure that we can give them a break when they need it. However, sometimes our friends just aren’t comfortable or confident in their own ability to hang out with us.

Perhaps they feel bad about themselves and don’t want to be the center of attention. Or, maybe they just aren’t really into the things that you are. Whatever the reason, if your friend feels bad about themselves, then they may cancel on you.

They don’t know you well enough

We all like to think that we know each other well, but sometimes, we really don’t. It can take time to get to know someone. Some people only meet new people once a year or so.

This is part of the reason why friends don’t always show up when we are expecting them. Sometimes, they might not even realize that they haven’t seen you for a few days. If you feel like your friend doesn’t know you well enough to hang out, they might cancel on you.

They have better things to do

It’s easy to say “I want to hang out,” but what does that really mean? Does it mean that you’re going to hang out with your friend or that you want your friend to hang out with you? This is especially important if you and your friend have different priorities in life.

It can be very confusing and frustrating to be forced to choose between your own plans and those of your friends. Your friend may be so busy that they can’t get away and they may think that they can’t fit you into their schedule.

You may not know if they are really too busy or if they are being honest about why they can’t make it. The best approach is to just ask them what the problem is.

You are not that important to them

In some cases, you may be important to your friend. It’s great to have friends who are important to you, but you also need to remember that they are people too and that they have their own lives and priorities. Maybe they don’t feel comfortable spending time with you when they have a lot of other friends and family members who are important to them.

They feel like they don’t know where to even start

It can be a little tricky to figure out exactly what your friend doesn’t know about you. If you want to clear up the issue, ask them. Don’t just go on the assumption that you know more than your friend.

Make an effort to get to know your friend better and help them get to know you better as well. It will probably help to take things slowly at first so that you don’t scare your friend off with all of your questions!

If you’re a very sensitive friend, then it might seem as though your friend is deliberately avoiding having a good time with you because of something that happened in the past. In some cases, it might not be your friend’s intention to avoid you.

Maybe they have had a particularly bad experience with you and they are afraid that something similar will happen again. It might be that they feel that the idea of spending more time with you is too daunting.

If you’re a very friendly person and they are constantly canceling plans, maybe they just feel overwhelmed. They might also be afraid that you’ll see them as vulnerable or weak and try to take advantage of them in some way.

They have had a bad experience with you before

People sometimes feel that it’s safer not to let others into their lives because of what happened in the past. This is normal. Don’t take it personally. Sometimes people feel that someone can’t be trusted, so they withdraw.

When someone says that you shouldn’t trust them, you need to ask yourself what you think might have been said to make them feel that way. Did you say or do something to hurt them? Or did they say something that was wrong?

If you really want to change someone’s mind, then you can’t argue with them about what they think. The best way to make them feel comfortable is to show them that you are trustworthy by being yourself and being friendly.

They are afraid of getting hurt again

When you were younger, you had some bad experiences with other people. This can leave you feeling very cautious. You might want to avoid certain situations because you worry that something bad will happen again.

You might just need to let them know that you are worried and ask for their advice. It might be helpful to tell them the things that are worrying you. Then they can suggest ways for you to be safer.

They worry about being alone with you

Some people are intimidated by your confidence. They don’t want to be around you because they’re afraid of what you might do. You may have been hurt before, or you could be a bully. When you start to act confident, they may feel anxious because they can’t predict what you might do next.

People sometimes feel uncomfortable around people who are too confident, because they don’t know how to react. If you want to be more confident, you need to work on your self-esteem. Try doing things that build you up. Maybe you can try taking on a new hobby or challenge.

They are intimidated by your confidence

This is different from the first point on this list. This is when someone feels that you might hurt them if they get close to you. This can happen when someone thinks that you’re going to try to change them, or that you think that you know better than they do. Sometimes people feel threatened by someone who seems more mature or older. You need to talk to them about their thoughts and feelings. And you might want to ask for their advice on how to deal with this.


The person who cancels plans could have many reasons for doing so. Some people may feel that their plans are not good enough, or that the other person does not seem like a good fit. Another reason could be that they are trying to protect you.

It could be that the other person is trying to hurt you, or that they do not want to take you out. In order to find out why your friend is canceling plans, you need to find out if they have any excuses. If they do, then maybe they just do not want to go, or they do not really like you.

It happens a lot, doesn’t it? Your friends will cancel on you at the last minute. This happens when you both agree on a meeting time, but your friend changes their mind or doesn’t show up. So, what is the best way to deal with it? Well, it’s a great idea to have some backup plans. You can always ask a close friend to pick you up, or even plan for something else in case this happens.

It’s important to understand why your friends make the choices they do. They might do this for a number of reasons, which is fine. You shouldn’t be too hard on them, and it’s likely that they are just not aware of what they are doing.

But if you know why your friend doesn’t want to go out, and you are still upset about it, that’s okay. Sometimes we don’t realize that our own behavior is driving our friend away. We hope this article was helpful to know why your friend always cancels plans.

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