33 Funny Things to Say When Someone Is Copying You

Sometimes people get a little too close to what you’re like and it gets awkward when they try to do the same things you do. If only there was a way to hold these blatant imposters accountable in an amusing way.

Well, never fear! These funny things to say to someone who is mimicking you will make them laugh for sure. You can use these expressions when they are around so that they will know you’re aware that they are copying you. It will be a laugh riot.

Here are some funny things to say to someone when they are copying you: 

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1. If you’re my identical twin, why don’t I recognize you?

This is a classic and always gets a laugh because it is a huge contradiction. If they are your twin, shouldn’t they know that? Plus, the word “identical” is always fun for some reason. Also, be sure to have a big smile on your face as you say this. It is justified to laugh since they are so clueless.

2. If I were you, I would stop copying myself.

Everyone likes this one. It shows that you have noticed their obsession with themselves and how they always say the same things as you. When they say it’s their personality, you can be sure that it’s just a copy of the way you talk. Ironically, they think they are unique and original.

3. Why are you so afraid to be yourself?

This is always fun because it is a compliment wrapped in an insult. They are so scared to be themselves so much that they want to follow in your footsteps. You can use it as a subtle way of letting them know that they’re a copycat too! Don’t forget to use some sarcasm in your voice when you say this

4. I think you’re a magician because you’ve made yourself disappear.

This is such a great way to make fun of people who copy you and your personality. They are still there, but they just aren’t as noticeable anymore because they blend in so well with you and your style. It’s really funny to point out that this makes them disappear into your shadow. You’re probably imitating their voice as well while saying this line!

5. There’s two of everything!

This is perfect for when you catch them repeating exactly what you just said. By using the phrase “two of everything,” you are emphasizing your point. It will leave them cracking up with laughter because they are probably feeling exposed at this point. This is great because it is so not funny to copy someone else’s personality, but your sense of humor can make it hilarious!

6. It’s a good thing that you’re copying my personality because otherwise, you’d be a boring guy!

This is true, but they won’t know it. By saying this, you are letting them know that you are aware of what they’re doing without being mean about it. It acknowledges that they are being funny, even if unintentionally. It will make them crack up and show them that you don’t mind. You’ll be the bigger person while still making your point clear.

7. I’m not even worthy of your apathetic gaze!

This is another classic because it’s such a punch in the face. It’s so funny because it’s sort of an insult combined with a more polite greeting, and the tone of voice makes it all the ickier. You should also be smiling at this one to sell it as an awesome joke!

8. If you’re my doppelganger, why can’t I find a photo of you?

You’re probably very confused, and that’s hilarious because they are trying to copy you so intensely. By asking if they’ve lost their photo, you’re pretty much telling them that they don’t measure up. It’s a great way for you to laugh at their expense. Also, be sure to point out that you are looking hard. You want to make sure that they understand that you aren’t too impressed by their imitation.

9. Wow, you must be a well-known actor because people always ask me if I like your movies!

Use this when the person is copying your voice and mannerisms. It’s not true, but they will probably appreciate the gesture. It’s nice to let them know that people recognize their lack of originality and how silly it is to be so similar to someone else. This type of knowledge can help them to feel their weird behavior.

10. You’re ruining the moment for me by copying me!

This is another way of saying “my special moment”. But instead of using sarcasm, you are using humor and making it sound very serious, which will probably make them realize what they’re doing so you will NOT be interrupted!

11. I think it’s creepy how much you remind me of myself.

This line is super sarcastic. It points out how weird it is for them to be copying you, but you don’t come right out and say that. You’re just letting them know that it’s creepy, using a very subtle insult. This line will make everyone crack up because it’s so funny to make fun of someone for having the same sense of humor as you!

12. I have left looking at the mirror. I see myself after meeting you.

This joke is great because it’s true. They are so similar to you that your reflection in the mirror seems like a complete version of you. This is funny because it’s a bizarre experience, and they will appreciate the humor in the situation. This is a great one to use because it’s both funny and sarcastic at the same time. You’re using the mirror idea and putting it in a more sarcastic tone.

13. I have tried to be different from you, but the more I try, I find that it is impossible because you have already done them all.

They have done the same things that you have, and they don’t even know it! This is a perfect opportunity for you to show people that they are being desperate by trying so hard to copy you. It’s also funny because you’re saying that you have tried to be different, so they are doing the opposite of what you want them to do. You’re making it very clear that they are not being original at all.

14. You’re my reflection!

This is the most direct one on this list, but it’s true! It’s funny because their silly attempts to be like you just force you to say something literal instead of sarcastic. You’ll be saying something true, which is what makes it super hilarious. It will be obvious to them that you aren’t impressed because you’re (and probably your friends) are laughing at the whole situation. This one will be a conversation starter.

15. Wow you are me in a different life!

This is a great one because it is sarcastic yet also positive. It acknowledges that they are copying you but in a humble way. It’s not mean at all, so they won’t interpret it that way. It’s funny because it’s keeping the sarcastic tone while being very nice about the whole thing. You’ll be able to laugh with them instead of at them!

16. You’re just like me, you just look different!

This is a classic because it says exactly what you want to say in the most polite way possible. You’ll be laughing because they will be so mad at their similarity to you that they will believe you when you say that they are not different at all! This one is the perfect way for you to make them feel bad about themselves. It’s so funny because it’s overly nice and yet still sarcastic.

17. I feel like you are an alien from another planet who has taken control of my body.

It’s funny because you are acknowledging that they are acting like an alien would. This one is letting them know that they have lost all sense of themselves because they are so obsessed with being like you. It’s also a great way to tell them that they are being weird and copying you without actually saying it. You’re letting them know that the situation is totally serious while still making it funny, which is pretty awesome in my book!

18. If you were my other half, I would feel complete!

This is a great one to use when they have the same voice and mannerisms. You’re saying that you would be happy to have them as a part of your life because they are one-hundred percent you. They can’t say anything so you’re using their body language to let them know that you’re serious. This one is a great conversation starter because it’s funny and reflects on their behavior, which makes it even funnier!

19. Now that we are clones of each other, let’s try to be friends and not copy each other all the time, okay?

This is a great one to use when they are all over you trying to be like you. It’s not that you don’t like them, but it’s very annoying. They are doing everything your way and making themselves look and sound identical to you. In a way, they have created another version of themselves, which is exactly what you’re telling them in this joke.

20. Are you sure I’m not your twin?

This is a unique one because it deliberately has the word “twin” in it, which will be funny to everyone who hears it. It’s so funny because that word will be so unexpected that they will burst out laughing at all the weird implications of the sentence! It’ll make you laugh because you’re making fun of their behavior and also making fun of the fact that they might think they are your twin.

21. I know I’m weird, but do you need to be?

This is a great one to use because you’re using their strange behavior to make fun of them. You’re not just agreeing with them, you’re pointing out that there’s no need for it. This makes them realize that they are being weird and replace their weirdness with humor. It’s a great way for the joke to be more likable and even more hilarious!

22. It must be really hard being you.

This is a great line because you’re letting them know that they are doing something weird, and they really should stop. As the person always tries to copy you, you want to tell them that it must be really difficult for them to portray themself with their originality. Also, you’re letting them know that they are doing something weird.  They may think that ‘huh. I guess it is weird..’ and will stop doing it. If they realize that their presence is dependent on someone else and they are not being themself, they will probably stop doing it.

23. It’s a good thing you’re not part of Hollywood.

“It must be really hard being you” was the previous example. But this one is more serious. If you are in Hollywood, it must be really hard being you as well, so they will stop doing it. If they are not in Hollywood or if they know anyone who is in Hollywood, they will think twice before copying, let alone copying you.

24. Wow, if you keep copying me we’re going to have to change our lock-screen passwords!

This is one of those strange things to say to someone who is copying you. If they are a close friend and you know them, you should use this. It has the potential of making them laugh, and even if they don’t it will be likely that they will not copy you as much as before.

25. Whoa, you aren’t reading my mind, are you?

People love the idea of being able to read another person’s mind. This is another example of one of those strange things to say to someone who is copying you. While it is out of place if you and they are close, it can be funny. Suppose your friend already knows how you do certain things and when you both are going to do that thing again, you can humorously say this. This is one of the most efficient methods because you are directly pointing it.

26. I guess we’re just too much alike – isn’t that scary?

This is a very funny and vague way of asking if you are like the person who is copying you. It also makes your friend think about if they are like you or not. They will probably stop copying you and then they can tell you something funny to say about their behavior.

27. You aren’t going to start copying anyone else here, are you?

This is a funny way of pointing out that you are very familiar with them, and you know what they’re going to do. This might make them not want to look silly so they will stop copying you.

28. My mom would be so disappointed if she knew I was plagiarized!

If someone copies the words you say or your behavior, you can use this to make the situation funnier. If you say this to them in a joking way, they can either stop copying you or they will go even further.

29. I went to the store and they told me I was you!

This is a statement that makes the person who is copying you laugh. They usually have no idea they are copying you and this will make them think of what they are doing.

30. Did you just eat my brain?

This is one of those strange things to say to someone who is copying you. It sounds like you are in a sci-fi movie or something, but that’s why it’s funny! You want them to realize that what they are doing is not normal and when they do, they will probably stop.

31. Sure, your trademark looks just like mine!

This is effective because you are showing them that they are copying your trademark-like behavior. You can either say this to them when they get close to doing something or say it when they do something similar to what you’ve done before.

32. You should write a book on how to be me.

This is an example of sarcasm because you’re sarcastically saying that they know everything about you more than you do, which is not true. After all, no way can happen. They will probably respond funnily and stop trying to imitate you.

33. You read my mind!

If someone says the same thing as you, this is a really funny way of saying it because it makes them think they have superpowers which they can use to impersonate you. By using this when someone says something they would normally say, you can probably make them stop and realize what they’re doing.


We may repeat ourselves or do things we normally wouldn’t do, so if someone else starts doing it, it can get a little annoying and frustrating.

These are the best methods to use because they can either make your friend realize what they’re doing or at least make them laugh and might even stop for good.

I hope this post was fun and informative. I’m sure you’ve noticed a theme with these jokes. They’re very open about telling people how weird their behavior is, but they also find humor in it all the same time.

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